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Silk Way

Year: 2002
Venue: Mark Block University, Strasbourg, France
Size: 15x10m
Flowers, fruits, vegetables

Art project the handmade carpet “Silk way” suggests the creation of imitating way of Azerbaijani carpet by the means of contemporary art. Thus this work contains dainty intellectual intrigue: paradoxical synthesis of tradition (carpet) and contemporaneity (means of expression). Conceptual format of work consists of two semantic formative definitions – “bark” and “camel”, taking as pictographycal image module. Let’s expound each of them:

1. Carpet is an ancient graphic form of Azerbaijani visual culture. It is half-functional and polysemantic by its nature. Let’s note 3 functions: decorative and applied (inner decoration of dwelling were adorned by carpet, not depending on the owner of house, presence of carpets brought special cosiness and comfort into the house), communicative (with the help of it, by the means of depicted on it signs – symbols, people hands each other ciphered information, at times carrying confidential and also intimate character [for example when the speech was about of engagement]) and finally the basic function – meditative and metaphysical – canonical and geometrical structure of carpet reflects the universal laws of  The universe and, thus , carpet presents symbolic model of The universe. On account of this it is the object of meditative practice (for advanced Sufis mystics).

2. Camel – one of the frequently met characters of East culture, including fine arts. In many Islamic countries (especially in that countries where the great part of territory is desert) camel were treated not as an ordinary animal, but like a special Magic Creature, Desert Ship, allotted by other-worldly wisdom. Indeed the physical “showings” of this creature amazes imagination. Camel is universal and can’t be replaced in desert. He is splendidly adapted to any climatic conditions, easily, with the help of intuition he orients in space, incredibly enduring, being need in minimum of food and water, not losing physical form (what is not of little importance during long travel in the sultry desert). Each element of his physical body is useful (meat, milk, skin and also excrements, using as fuel). In one word he is intended for long and not common Higher Perfection by the Destiny.

Returning to the main point of the project, it is necessary to note that its basic aim is in “virtual reanimation” of Silk Way idea. It is shown in the following: the Azerbaijan artist comes from the East to area of the West, bringing with him idea of a carpet / messages, but he realizes this idea on a visit, using local materials and means. Thus, the project represents itself as a uniting central point in which takes place symbolical Meeting of the West and the East, i.e. the basic idea of the Silk Way on actualization of a continental axis the West – the East is realized. The caravan which has come from Baku to Strasbourg, with the message about Light of True, Goodness and Beauty…

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