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In his series “Ada”, which means “island” in the Azeri language, Chingiz makes an artistic impression of post-industrial wasteland in his home country – Azerbaijan. Here he examines the relationship between the man, the environment he lives in and the blurred borders between the natural and the artificial. Chingiz also reflects the position of a man, who changes the environment and the permanent cycle of creation and destruction it brings. Chingiz´s main interest is the man, his pleasures, and thoughts. He finished his art studies in his hometown of Baku in the late soviet period originally as a sculptor, but in the end he established himself as an important representative of conceptual art in his home country.

Ada (Island) 2002

Ada (impressions) – this word sounds like something in code, and translation from azeri language island. The first impression from island – „Somebody was there…“ It means that this place was exposed to various trials during the certain periods of time. On the one hand the ruin, the deserted constructions and details not from the clear techniques and on the other hand pure nature. This combination even more intensifies experienced feelings.


They said, it is met here frequently in last times. Each time after his sudden arrival there are strange unusual traces. He purposely and diligently leaves them. And cause, probably not absolutely in them, and more likely in attempt of change settled…. So having done next „work“ he leaves without telling words and without asking anything. Nobody comes closer to him and does not prevent him to do his way. And he, in his turn, does not contact with anybody from associates. Why he each time patiently makes the same. Seemingly, this cannot change something. And why to change… Probably the given question and that hopelessness of this situation also force him to burn out at the end of each coming. But fortunately he always comes back again and again that regular time to do his way and to make a ceremony of reminder.

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