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Name                    CHINGIZ
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1986-1991              Azerbaijan State University of Arts, M. F. A., Baku
1979-1983             Azerbaijan State Art College, Teacher of Fine Arts, Baku
1975-1979             Art School, Azerbaijan, Baku
1971-1979              Baku High School, Azerbaijan


1996-Present “Arts etc…” Center for Contemporary Culture, Baku, Azerbaijan
1996-Present     Union of Azerbaijan Artists, Baku, Azerbaijan
1987-1996             Baku Arts Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan


2012-2015            Eastern Partnership Culture Program, Member of
                                  The Advisory Committee nominated by EC, Brussels, Belgium
2011-2012             STEP beyond, ECF – European Cultural Foundation, Advisor for the Caucasus countries,
                                  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009-2011           Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, Expert, Baku, Azerbaijan
2006-Present  “Cord” Art Magazine, Editorial Board Member, Die, France
2003-2007          Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, Board Member, Baku, Azerbaijan
2006-2008          Museum Center, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Art Curator, Baku, Azerbaijan          
1997-2000           The Tussauds Group Studios, Sculptor, London, UK
1996                        Test Head – portrait sculpting competition for The Tussauds Group Studios.
                                  One of three successful applicants chosen from two hundred sculptors around the world, New York, USA
1996-Present     “Arts etc…”, Center for Contemporary Culture, Founder and President, Baku, Azerbaijan
1995-1997             “Caspian”, Magazine, Freelance photo-correspondent, London, UK; Baku, Azerbaijan
1987-1997             Baku Arts Center, Art curator, Baku, Azerbaijan
1986-1987             Freelance artist


2013                        1-month scholarship & residence program, Geo Air, Tbilisi, Georgia
2009                       2-month scholarship & residence program, Nairs Cultural Centre, Nairs, Switzerland
2009                       1-month scholarship & residence program, IAAB Studios, Basel, Switzerland
1996                        2-month scholarship, Kunsthalle Krems, Krems, Austria
1995                        6-month scholarship, Kultur-Kontact, Vienna, Austria
1994                        1-month scholarship & residence program, WUK, Kultur-Kontact, Vienna, Austria


2022                         “İNSƏN”, immersive Project, Lecture, Yarat – Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan
2022                         Lecture for emerging architect and designers, Yarat – Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan
2018                          “Philosophy of Contemporary Arts”,Lecture – Round Table, Yarat Friends, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017                          “Contemporary Language in Carpets”, Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014                          “Philosophy and Social Aspects in Contemporary Arts”, Natavan Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014                          “Conceptual Art and Philosophical Ideas”, “Asan”, Mingechaur, Azerbaijan
2010                          “Contemporary Culture in Azerbaijan”,Summer School Black See Academy, ECF, OSI,
                                      Bilgi University, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2009                          “Go East”, conference, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw, Poland
2008                          “Emerging Cultural Continent: Actors and Networks”, Bilgi University, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2004                          “Research Without Boundaries”, Goethe-Institut, Tbilisi, Georgia
2002                          “Conceptual Art in Azerbaijan”, Strasbourg, France
2000                          “Art & Environment”, “Azerbaijan Injilery” Private Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
1996                           “Azerbaijan, a View from Inside”, Depot, Messepalace, Vienna, Austria


2022                           “Baku”, Magazine, Moscow, Russia
2020                           “Nargis”, Magazine, Baku, Azerbaijan
2020                           “Baku”, Magazine, Moscow, Russia
2014                           “Baku”, Magazine, London, UK
2014                           “L’Officiel”, Magazine, Paris, France
2010                           “I’m Not There”, source book for the 8th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea
2008                           “Emerging Cultural Continent: Actors and Networks”, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2008                           “l’Adige, Cultura e Societa”, Newspaper, Trento, Borgo Valsugana, Italy
2007                           “European Cultural Foundation Annual Report – 2007”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006                           “Ecotopia”, Contemporary Art and Nature in the Caucasus, Catalog, Goethe-Institute Tbilisi, Georgia
2005-2006               “Art in America”, Annual Guide – Galleries, Museums, Artists – Sourcebook to the U.S.A. Art World,
                                      2005-06 Museums Preview, New York, USA
2005                           “Lapin Kansa” Newspaper, Keckiviikko, Finland
2005                           “Caravanserai, Artistic Exchange”, International Forum of Visual Arts & Art Events, Catalog, Tbilisi, Georgia
2005                           “Ceramics Technical”, Magazine, Australia
2004                           “Research Without Boundaries: Curating and Cultural Exchange in the Intercultural Age”,
                                      International Contemporary Art Symposium, Catalog, Goethe-Institut, Tbilisi, Georgia
2004                           “The Golden Fleece”, Catalog, Strasbourg, France
2003                           “Caucasus – Photography, Cinema, Video”, Catalog, Apollonia, Strasbourg, France
2002                           “Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace”, Newspaper, Strasbourg, France
2000                           “Nashe Vremya”, Magazine, Baku, Azerbaijan
1999                            “Textile Art”, Magazine, Tokyo, Japan
1999                            “Edelweiss”, Magazine, Baku, Azerbaijan
1998                            “İrs”, Magazine, Baku, Azerbaijan
1998                            “Portraits of Transition – The Azerbaijan Style”, Book, UNICEF, Baku, Azerbaijan
1997                            “The Times”, Newspaper, London, UK
1997                            “Artists on Ranch”, Catalog, Reuhof, Austria
1996                            “Kultur Kontakt”, Magazine, Vienna, Austria
1996                            “Ismet Dogan”, Catalog, Istanbul, Turkey
1995                            “LSAP- Landscape Art”, Catalog, Gars am Kamp, Wachtberg, Austria
1995                            “Caspian”, Magazine, London, UK; Baku, Azerbaijan
1995                            “Kultur Kontakt”, Catalog, Vienna, Austria
1989                            “Baku Art Centre”, Catalog, Baku, Azerbaijan


2008                           “ОЙ”– Public Art and Workshop, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
2005                           “Ecotopia”, Contemporary Art and Nature in the Caucasus, Goethe-Institute Tbilisi, Georgia
2004                           “Research Without Boundaries”, Goethe-Institut, Tbilisi, Georgia
2003                           “Art & Environment”, Nargin Island, Baku, Azerbaijan
2001                            “Art & Environment”, Ganly Gyel, Baku, Azerbaijan
2001                            “Open Circle”, Land Art, Kuressaare, Estonia
1997                             “Artists on Ranch”, Painting, Reuhof, Austria
1995                             “Painting”, Ganjlik International Kamp, Baku, Azerbaijan
1995                             “Landscape-Art-Project-95”, Art in Nature, Gars am Kamp, Wachtberg, Austria
1994                             “Baku Art in Residence”, Painting, Vienna, Austria


2014                           “Biennale Casablanca”, Casablanca, Morocco
2013                           “Ornamentation”, 55th International Art Exhibition, the Pavilion of Azerbaijan at Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2010                           “Elite-Tile”, Fourth International Ceramic Tile Triennial Centro Leon, Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
2007                           “Omnia Mea”, 52nd International Art Exhibition, the Pavilion of Azerbaijan, Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
2006                           “Elite-Tile”, Third International Ceramic Tile Triennial, Museum of Modern Art (MAM), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2005-2006              “Border Dialogues” – The Barents Art Triennial, Neiden, Kirkenes, Norway; Lovozero (Murmansk Region), Russia
1996                            “Arte Sella-96-Art in Nature”, Borgo Valsugana, Italy


2019                           Outdoor furniture for private premises, Bilgah, Baku, Azerbaijan
2011                            “Terra Granata”, First Pomegranate Festival,
                                     Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Vienna, Austria
2007                         “Exhibition of Traditional Azerbaijan Carpets”, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan,
                                    UNESCO, Paris, France
2001-2007             Design and construction of various private premises, Baku, Azerbaijan


2021                           Artım Lab, Yarat – Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan
2020                          “Erasing Distance and Time”, self-curated carpet solo show, Vienna, Austria
2016                           “AHHA”- solo exhibition of artist Shabnam Shukurova, collages, kinetic sculpture and video, Asmart Creative Hub, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016                           “Cloud Dreams”, self-curated solo exhibition, painting, prints on canvas and organic glass, video, Asmart Creative Hub, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016                           “Light”, self-curated solo photo exhibition, Container Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2015                           “Bax” (look at – aze.), solo exhibition of artist Museib Amirov, paintings & graphics, MOMA, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014                           “Daş” (stone – aze.), solo exhibition of artist Huseyn Haqverdi, sculptures & graphics, MOMA, Baku, Azerbaijan
2006-2008              Museum Center, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, Art Curator, Baku, Azerbaijan
2006                           “Transfusion”, Art Project, Co/Curator, Basel, Liestal, Switzerland
2005                           “The Tile Project”, “Destination: The World, Public Art, International Project”, Art Project, Co/Curator, USA-Azerbaijan
2003                           “Contemporary Culture Resource Center”, Founder and curator, Azerbaijan State Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan
2003                           “Contemporary Art Centre”, Nakhichevan, Founder and curator, Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan
2003                           “Xalı”, Traditional and Contemporary Carpet Versions, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2001                            “Art & Environment”, Ganly Gyel, Baku, Azerbaijan


2022                           Master class ceramic sculpture, Yarat, Baku, Azerbaijan
2021                            Master class installation, Museum of Azerbaijani Painting of the XX-XI Century, Baku, Azerbaijan
2018-2020               “Human”,lecture series, private premises, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016                            “Contemporary Culture”, Asmart Creative Hub, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014                            “Being an Artist. Philosophical Principles of Creative Thinking”, one-month event at “Yarat” art space, Baku, Azerbaijan
2012                            “Sculpture”, Marneuli Cultural Center, Marneuli, Georgia


2022                          “İNSƏN”, immersive Project, Personal Exhibition, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan
2021                           “Carpet Art – Evolution of Meanings”, Historic and Architectural Complex Kazan Kremlin, Exhibition Hall “Manezh”, Kazan, Russia
2020                          “Erasing Distance and Time”, carpet exhibition, Vienna, Austria
2016                           “Cloud Dreams”, paintings, prints on canvas and organic glass, video, Asmart Creative Hub, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016                           “Light”, photo exhibition, Container Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2014                           “Thoughts About the Given”, MOMA, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013                           “Positive or Negative”, public art installation, Public Art Project initiated by “Yarat”; “Park Bulvar” trade center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013-Present        “Positive or Negative”, permanent public art installation, Public Art, “Asan” organization, Baku, Azerbaijan
2008                           Paintings, private premises Casa Strobele-Wangendorf, Borgo Valsugana, Italy
2008                           Sketches, drawings, paintings and photos, ARTantide Gallery, Verona, Italy
2004                           Ripustus Gallery, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2003                           “Plastic Carpet”, Installation, Long Forest, Guba, Azerbaijan
2003                           “Art and Environment”, Museum Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
2002                           “Silk Way”, monumental multimedia installation, carpet made out of fruits, vegetables, etc.,
                                      University Marc Block, Strasbourg, France
1997                            “Soul”, installation, Alternative Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
1997                            “Art & Environment”, Sanat Gallery, Baku Arts Centre, Azerbaijan
1996                            “White Symphony – Contemporary Ecological Mentality Series”, private premises, Zöbbing, Austria
1995                            Graphics, private premises, Burgenland, Austria
1995                            Graphics, Donauraum Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1995                            Paintings, graphics, installations, Atelier Davidgasse, Vienna, Austria


2020-2021               “Make an Island for Yourself”, Museum of Azerbaijani Painting of the XX-XI Century, Baku, Azerbaijan
2020                           “VIVIDOR”, video art show, Yokohama, Japan
2019-2020               “When the Globe is Home”, Theorema-2 Exhibition, Fondazione Imago Mundi, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy
2018                           “100 years of Azerbaijan Republic”, Gazelli House, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017                           “Flying Carpet”, Contemporary Art in Carpets, Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016                           “Kill The Buddha!”, “Artisterium-9”, Tbilisi, Georgia
2013-2014               “Interventions of Contemporary Art in Museum Space”, conceptual art project, National Museum of Tbilisi, Georgia
2013                           “Home Sweet Home”, Cultural Center of Azerbaijan, Paris, France; MOMA, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013                           “Art Moscow”, Moscow, Russia
2011                           “The Journey to the East”, Bialystok, Poland
2010                           “ – 2”, art project, Baku, Azerbaijan
2009                          BakUnlimited, Culture Festival, Contemporary Art exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
2009                          Curraint D’aijer, Nairs, Switzerland
2009                          Baku, Yerevan, Tbilisi: Roger! Caucasian Cities, “Transkaukazja”, Culture Festival, Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2008                          “Steps of Time – Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan”, Dresden, Germany
2008                          “ – 1”, art project, Baku, Azerbaijan
2007                          “Azerbaijan Contemporary Photography”, Moscow, Russia 
2006                          “Transfusion”, Liestal, Switzerland
2005-2006             “Ecotopia”, International Art Project, Berlin, Germany
2005                          “Aluminium”, International Art Project, Baku, Azerbaijan
2005-2006             “Border Dialogues”, International Art Project, The Barents Art Triennial,
                                      Neiden, Kirkenes, Norway; Lovozero (Murmansk Region), Russia
2005                          “The Tile Project”, “Destination: The World”, International Public Art Project, USA – Azerbaijan
2004                         “The Tile Project”, “Destination: The World”, International Public Art Project, Transcultural Exchange, USA-Finland
2004                         “South Caucasian Culture”, Festival, “Transkaukazja” Warsaw, Poland
2003                          “Xalı”, traditional and contemporary carpet versions, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 
2002-2003            “Photo-Video Exhibition of Azerbaijani Artists”, Photo-Video Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece
1998                            “Painting, Sculpture and Drawing”, Pitshanger Manor & Gallery, London, UK     
1996                            “Paintings & Graphics”, Institute of Africa & Asia, Vienna, Austria
1994                            “Paintings, Graphics, Installations”, Schloss Wolkersdorf, Wolkersdorf, Austria
1993                            “Tuyap”, 3rd Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey
1992                            “Paintings & Graphics”, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
1990                            “Paintings & Graphics”, L’Orangerait Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence, France
1988                            “Paintings, Graphics, Photography”, Arts & Culture Center, Saigon, Vietnam
1988                           “Paintings, Graphics, Sculpture”, Artist’s Central House, Moscow, Russia
1986                            “Paintings, Graphics, Sculpture”, Sattar Bahlulzadeh Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan

Works are represented in state and private collections in Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, Estonia, France, Poland, Finland, Norway, Georgia, Germany, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Kyrgyzstan.