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The Tile Project, Destination: The World – Azerbaijan

The Tile Project, Destination: The World, sponsored by UNESCO, is installing 21 new public art works in venues ranging from New York to Berlin, Sarajevo to Seoul, and many points in between, one of which is The Azerbaijan State Arts Academy. Each of these new public art works will include tiles made and generously donated by over 100 international artists, demonstrating that artists are able to unite the world in ways that are respectful, tolerant and understanding of the global communities’ differences and commonalities.
This is the first installation of The Tile Project in the Caucases. Azerbaijan’s participation in the Tile Project was coordinated by artist Chingiz Babayev and Jahangir Selimkhanov, program director of the Azerbijian’s Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Soros foundations, a financial supporter of this installation.
As a group, the artists of TransCultural Exchange have exhibited their work at many international galleries, museums, and other venues, including Palais Tokyo, Paris; London Biennale; Trans Hudson Gallery, NYC; PS122 Gallery, NYC; The Chicago Cultural Center; radio:on:studio, Tokyo; Ichon Art Center, Seoul; the Bar of the Museum of Modern Art, Berlin; and Inner Mongolian Museum of Fine Arts, Huhhot. Diversified in their media, the group has created a compelling assemblage of tiles running the gamut from traditional ceramics to glass, photography and digital imagery.
American artist Caroline Anderson, who had the opportunity to travel to Baku for the installation’s opening ceremonies, remarks “I had not imagined that this experience of cultural exchange would have such a profound effect on my work. The relationships I formed while in Baku are already resulting in future projects that will promote peace and understanding between our cultures.”

Stay Tuned. A new world awaits.

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