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This carpet is an attempt to visualize how the society is being unified by bureaucrats who are depicted as devils. The patterns remind of swastikas and include the digit 6 which symbolizes the devil. The recurring repetition of segments depicting devils in different colors throughout the entire space of the carpet gives a feeling of the rhythm of the system created by man, which totally embraces all spheres of his life. Mankind created this system itself and put itself within it. A man is his own prison. Prison is a man himself. There is a black rectangle in the middle of the carpet, which symbolizes both an entry and an exit for this system, that is, a person can be on both sides, and has a right to choose where to go.



Author:CHINGIZYear:2017Code:CD02Size:102x207cmSize (ft):3'4"x6'9"Area:2.11m2Density:40(h)x40(v) per square decimeter, 160 000 knots per square meter, totally ~330 000 knotsColors:dark brown, red, maroon, medium blue, navy blue, gold yellow, soft yellow, green, light brownMaterials:Handcarded and handspun wool for pile, ivory wool warps and wool weftsKnots:Gördes (Turkish, symmetrical)Pile height:0.4cmEnds:bundled knotsWoven by:the "Antique Rugs of the Future Project" weavers led by Vügar DadashovWeavers:Leyla, NargizWeaving Period:four monthsHandwoven:in AzerbaijanDesign:Originaly desined by Azerbaijani artist Chingiz Babayev (CHINGIZ).Share:

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