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Nasimi Festival 2018

Over the course of the period from September 27-30, 2018, took place a multi-disciplinary festival that bears the name of the great 14th-century poet, Imadeddin Nasimi (1369-1417). Imadaddin Nasimi was born in Shamakhi, once one of the key towns on the Silk Road. He was the most influential advocate of Hurufism, a variation of Sufism which is part of Islamic mysticism. In 1417, he was skinned alive in Aleppo for his liberal religious convictions. The multi-disciplinary festival featured various national and international artists. Among the Azerbaijani artists CHINGIZ paid tribute to Nasimi with his project called “Planets”. His conceptual art project wants to exploit the idea of essence existing in everything. The artist says he is spiritual himself and very close to Sufism. “We see planets made of different materials and in different sizes, but they are part of one universe, and at the same time are one universe.  The world is one, and all speaks of one thing, which is called  EŞQ (LOVE).