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Hand Made Carpet

Year: 1996
International Art in Nature Biennale “ARTE SELLA” – Italy, Borgo Valsugana
Flowers, fruits, vegetables, leaves
Size: 8m x 6m

In ancient times people have been sending messages to each other in such symbolic way as carpet. Actually carpet itself is a complex system of ornaments expressing a very wide concept of the world conveyed in carpet, which is considered also as a symbol of home, cosines, hospitality and love.

Symbolic dragons were taken from the Azerbaijan traditional carpets, which are at the same time considered as a symbol of sun, fire and eternal energy of life.

I devote my carpet to love… to that love which is burning us like fire; to love which is lighting all around by it blinding light; to love which is still able to resist against enormous and ugly evil; to love which will finally will come into the hearts of those who missed it and will give everyone wide open wings to fly in the eternity of resistance…

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