Since the late1980s, my professional experience has involved creation of conceptual paintings, drawings and installations. Later in the1990s, I assembled different objects and installations using traditional themes with philosophical, social and political meanings. For example, being inspired by the tradition of weaving of Azerbaijani rugs, I produced a number of large scale installations. “Alive”- carpets made of fruits, vegetables, flowers and all other natural materials taken from nature to show how beautiful and temporary is life.

I am trying to express life issues in analytic-poetic way that are currently interesting for me. From this angle the development of my idea is never finished, as it is organic, alive, in progress. It appears in different images and forms, documenting certain creative periods. It is a journey of discovery.

I address my work to the fragility and sensitivity of human life. These themes are combined into installations featuring mundane domestic objects made from a variety of materials: wax, organic glass, polymer clay, canvas, paper, using different media forms such as: sculpture, painting, drawing, photo, video, installation, performance, often embellished with stenciled text. The mentioned art works mean to establish a dream-like surreal quality, suggesting notions of purity and safety. Sometimes texts provide clues to content and interpretation. My intentions in creating art works are attempts to produce minimal form with maximal content thus amplifying my intentions.

I also create site specific temporary installations for indoor and outdoor locations.

I have made a series of “flesh sculptures” that attempt to reveal the life of a human surrounded by abusive environment.

Art is not able to change the world but attempts to analyze problems and ask questions. From this perspective, the contemporary artist becomes the visual analytic philosopher who captures images and moments of current time and translates them into his or her artwork.

I attempt to visually distill the essence of the subject in visual and non-visual ways. Contradictions between my perceived reality and “official” information spread by world mass media pushes me to react to it and become the outline, the beginning. The starting point of ideas.